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Mobile Bidding is a completely paperless bidding tool that electronically collects bids, bidder information and manages check-in and check-out. ClickBid provides great value by increasing the ability to bid and eliminating: the need for calculations of bidder totals, long lines at item tables, and clogged check-in and check-out areas. By storing all the bid data in real-time over a wireless network, ClickBid allows for instant and seamless data retrieval and sharing from any connected computer.

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We have teamed up with an amazing catering company that not only provides top-of-the-line customer service but out-of-this-world food. Their Company was founded in 1992 to offer a unique alternative to standard luncheon fare. They have established themselves as a trusted and reputable company with a flair for originality.   

saharaSahara Hair Salon is a place where talented and creative beauty professionals work together as a team. If you cannot get an appointment with your stylist and/or feel you would be better served by another stylist who might provide a fresh point of view, please let us know.

PlanningPodLogo AuthorizedUserOur philosophy is that any piece of software, no matter how good it is, can always be better. This is why we constantly encourage our observant users to take an active role in providing us with feedback and input. It's why we listen to them so intently. And it's why we are constantly making improvements to our tools.

What most software companies don't realize is that the secret ingredient to better tools is the collective insights of their customers. Having built many online applications over the last decade, we understand this. In fact, it's almost part of our DNA at this point.  

flyingconnectedsiPads have a become a crucial must have for all sorts of business events. From trade show vendors and attendees, store openings and demos, to business trips and meetings, our fully connected iPad rentals have delighted our customers and rightfully so. We offer a variety of pricing options to cater to each customers needs, and our professional and helpful staff are always ready to provide support when needed. We offer a wide selection of accessories such as stands and lock cases, to ensure your event looks good and runs smooth from the get go. Our team will even customize your iPad rental with your companies branding, as well as install any apps, videos or slideshows for no extra charge.



RPD 150dpiRPD Executive Coach is always here when you need us. If you forget to make a reservation or need to make last-minute changes, you can call us anytime and a live person will assist you anytime, everytime.

We here at RPD Executive Coach recognizes that information about your travel is important. That is why our system promptly e-mails confirmations and receipts. If you use our on-line reservation system or call us, then you can always access your information about your past and future reservations 24/7, at your convenience with an RPD corporate account.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAP7AAAAJGIzMGYwOWYxLWVmZjktNGEwYy1iNDI2LWE5Yzg0N2ZlZDEwOQGlitzPad - The name alone sounds intriguing and rather exotic.

Our mission statement is to bring technology to Events in a way that is fun, cool and different for your guests, whilst simultaneously remaining hassle-free and super simple for the Event Planner.

Using iPads as our starting point, the GlitzPad team will take content designed to engage and inform your guests (think Dinner menu, Sponsor information, Event video, Event program and magazine etc.) and fuse it together to create a custom program to be viewed at your event with iPads provided by us.